On Demand FAQ's


How do I qualify for the On Demand streaming?
On Demand is available with the purchase of the Works Package or with the Season Pass.
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What will I be receiving?
With On Demand you will create a unique login and password giving you complete access to download or stream recordings.
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Will program handouts be included?
Most handouts will be available in a PDF format. Many sessions will also be available as AudioPoints™, a new visual format that features synced PowerPoints with the actual program audio.
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What do I need to do to stream the program recordings?
In your dashboard once you login you will have the option to open the player and you can stream your sessions in the media player window.
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Why are my streaming sessions not playing?
Difficulty with streaming may be caused by various factors. See the list below for possible reasons and solutions to streaming issues:

  1. The streaming sessions require a current version of the Adobe Flash Player get.adobe.com/flashplayer. Download the current version of the Adobe Flash Player Note: iPads and iPhones do not require Flash for streaming.
  2. Some companies may block streaming access on their network. If you are trying to streaming from your workplace please be sure that streaming access is allowed through that network.
  3. The strength of your internet connection will affect streaming quality. If you are having problems using a wireless connection, try streaming from a cable/wired connection to get better streaming quality.
  4. If streaming problems persist, and you have download access to your session, you may save the file to your computer and play the session directly from your computer’s hard drive as an alternate way of accessing and playing the file.

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How do I know which programs are being recorded?
Review the Playback Now flyer that was in your conference tote bag; or, after the conference, visit the All Access homepage and search by topic, presenter or keyword.
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What if l didn’t receive my On Demand login setup email?
For assistance, please call 1-800-241-7785 (9:00-5:00 EST)
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What if I prefer to have hard copy CDs or DVD-ROMs instead of downloads?
Please view our specialized packages available online or call Playback Now at 1-800-241-7785 for assistance. (9:00-5:00 EST)
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