The Hinman Dental Meeting

The Hinman Dental Meeting

Bruxism and Dentistry's New Frontier: Sleep Disturbances

  • Topic(s): Pain Management
  • Presenter(s): Henry A. Gremillion
  • Session#: 802-S277
  • Session Length: 180 minutes
  • Program: 2012 Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting
  • Date: Mar 24, 2012
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Bruxism and Dentistry's New Frontier: Sleep Disturbances - Details:

It has been suggested that one in seven Americans suffer from a diagnosable sleep/wake disturbance. Disruption of the normal sleep cycle in quantity or quality may play an important role in the symptom complex of our patients. Clinical implications of bruxism and the rationale for practical management of mechanical stress will be discussed. Learn to develop individualized plans of care for sleep disturbances and nocturnal bruxism.