The Hinman Dental Meeting

The Hinman Dental Meeting

21st Century Laser-Assisted Dentistry Lecture

  • Topic(s): Forensics
  • Presenter(s): Anthony R. Cardoza
  • Session#: 802-S360
  • Session Length: 180 minutes
  • Program: 2012 Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting
  • Date: Mar 24, 2012
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21st Century Laser-Assisted Dentistry Lecture - Details:

This presentation will contrast the daily challenges faced in the conventional delivery of a variety of dental procedures against the solutions offered through laser-assisted dentistry. This lecture is for the dentist/dental hygienist and covers various laser applications. These general applications include cavity preparations, various soft tissue procedures, endodontic preparation and bony procedures such as crown lengthening and tori reduction. In addition, laser dental hygiene applications will be discussed as well. Examples of these procedures using both the diode laser and the hard tissue laser will be shown. Note: This course is a prerequisite for Course #S151.